To avoid foodborne illness, which happens in the intake of natural or undercooked foods frequently, it’s best to thoroughly wash leafy greens before eating them. You shouldn’t be fooled by the fact that the ‘pre-washed’ labeling says the job’s already been performed for you; remember those sneaky just, smart leaves and the actual fact that the cleaning process will come in direct contact with the leaves hardly. Turn to the Health Ranger’s advice: improvements to grow your very own foodFor a straight better alternative to washing at your own kitchen sink, you will want to give serious account to growing your own food? Wellness Ranger Mike Adams is definitely an advocate of doing so, citing improved health, improved food security and bolstered self-sufficiency, especially concerning potential SHTF and survivalist scenarios.Komen for the Remedy, wednesday at a cancer meeting in Texas and was presented. Breast cancer death rates in the U.S. Fell 31 % from 1990 to 2007, but the number of breast cancer cases declined only about 5 %. We’ve done a better job of dealing with breast tumor than preventing it, stated Dr. Michael Thun, senior epidemiologist at the American Malignancy Society. Which factors really matter? Obesity and Weight matter because excess fat cells make estrogen, which fuels the development of most breasts cancers, Thun said. The rest of the risk factors may not be as cut and dry. Here is the Institute’s breakdown of the data it found for breast cancer risk, and which ones women need to worry about really. No Evidence: Hair dyes and the type of radiation from mobile phones, microwaves and digital gadgets.Probable evidence: Smoking cigarettes.Possible evidence: Secondhand smoke, nighttime shift work, and contact with benzene and a couple additional chemical substances through jobs or from breathing car fumes or pumping gas.