Also in Global Health News: ‘Delivering as 1’; syringe vending machine; hospital preparedness Rwanda To Sponsor Three-Day U .N. Achieving Rwanda will host a three-day U.N. Meeting in a few days to discuss ways to improve the U.N.’s ability to ‘provide advancement assistance in a more coordinated way,’ the brand new Times/ reports. ‘Rwanda is among the 8 pilot countries applying the U.N. Individuals in the meeting will share their encounters and lessons discovered from the program since its implementation in 2007 .

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Until April 2010 The next rains aren’t expected, VOA News reviews . Al Jazeera Examines Drug-Resistant Malaria In Thailand Al Jazeera looks at the emergence of drug-resistant malaria in Thailand after the release of the WHO’s World Malaria Report 2009, earlier this week. Robert Newman, the director of the WHO’s global malaria plan, said, ‘We’re concerned and have been concerned for sometime now,’ he said. Any risk of strain, which is resistant to artemisinin, is being classified as an ‘urgency than an emergency rather,’ Newman stated. ‘We’re not necessarily seeing patients dying out of this strain and the issue remains relatively localised,’ he said. A video, offering an interview with a Thai professor, accompanies this article .