Are we all living in the virtual simulation? A study out of Bonn University has led to a new round of speculation on the subject of the nature of the universe read more . The analysis proposes that cosmic rays go through a unusual energy shift. The energies are re-installed to align with an underlying design or lattice. There is one proper fit; no exceptions are permitted. If the lattice is, certainly, the basic pixel-like Fact we are getting together with every day of our lives, then we could be living inside a created artifice. A simulation. Place this explanation alongside the hypothesis that the universe is usually a hologram: lines of code inscribed on a two-dimensional surface deliver instructions on what the lattice is built, and what its properties are.

.. Aribex alleges patent infringement of its handheld X-ray, documents a complaint against Bio-Ray Prox Aribex, Inc., of Orem, Utah, today announced that it provides filed a patent infringement complaint for unspecified damages against producer DigiMed Co., Ltd , Sigma Biomedics , and Dentalaire Products . Sigma and Dentalaire distribute the Bio-Ray Prox, a portable X-ray gadget which is stated in Korea by DigiMed. The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, comes after numerous tries by Aribex to solve issues over the alleged infringement of Aribex patents by a number of different manufacturers and importers. Aribex is the programmer of a novel course of handheld X-ray resources, with patented technology enabling a lightweight and very easily transported design.