The Prime Minister is also encouraged to heed the outcomes of a new public opinion poll showing near 70 percent of Canadians desire regulations to affect all pre-packaged food and beverages and not grant a particular exemption for the beer sector. Regarding to Angus Reid Community Opinion, 67 percent of Canadians approve of the proposed guidelines so they connect with all food and beverage companies, while only 21 percent believe the federal government should switch the proposed guidelines to exempt the brewery industry from having to declare common allergens, gluten sulphites and sources. A solid majority of Canadians support the proposed regulations across all regional, demographic and education lines.About Coley Pharmaceutical Group Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. Can be an international biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, that discovers and develops TLR Therapeutics, a new class of investigational medication candidates that direct the human being immune system to battle cancers, asthma and allergic diseases and to enhance the performance of vaccines. Coley has generated a pipeline of TLR Therapeutic product candidates presently advancing through clinical development with companions and has additional item candidates in preclinical development.