‘Issuance of our 100th patent represents a significant milestone in ChemImage’s advancement,’ stated Dr. Patrick Treado, ChemImage Chief and Founder Technology Officer. ‘As a technology firm that is addressing critical measurement needs across a number of industries, we’ve secured substantial security of our intellectual property that will aid in fostering partnerships with market leaders worldwide.’.. ChemImage recieves patent for chemical substance imaging explosives optical sensor Today the receipt of its 100th U ChemImage Corporation announced.S. Patent, #7 7,692,776 for a chemical substance imaging explosives optical sensor that detects explosive compounds. In the last 16 years, ChemImage provides invested substantial assets in building a robust patent portfolio which includes patents for chemical substance imaging instrumentation, image analysis, threat detection, forensics equipment, pharmaceutical evaluation, particle sizing, and biomedical diagnostics.But while personal income can be inferred by a neighbor's flashy new car or house renovation, sex is a more cloistered activity. Just how do, say, women or men in their 20s understand how their peers have sexual intercourse frequently? Related StoriesStudy explores romantic relationship between mental health and parentingRice University research reveals that gays, lesbians and heterosexuals possess better wellness than bisexualsEconomically disadvantaged immigrants of non-English speaking Latinos subjected to harmful air pollution Though sex is an exclusive matter, the media and other sources of details provide clues.