Each year around 10,000 men in the UK die from prostate cancer. Genome wide association studies are a powerful tool to find common factors that increase the risk of developing cancer and this can be an area that Malignancy Study UK has been focused on for several years. This work has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the general public. We are actually entering an exciting period when this analysis will quickly have a genuine benefit for cancer patients. Breakthrough innovations in the design of the FastScan Bio program have resulted in an easy scanning AFM that allows temporal investigation under physiological operating environments in liquid while exceeding the diffraction limits of optical microscopy.And further, what was the artificial footage intended to be utilized for, if not really for the potential reason for providing video ‘proof’ of another supposed event that did not necessarily occur. ‘I am not sure how they will make such [an] obvious mistake,’ Marek Spanel, CEO of Bohemia Interactive Studio, creator of Arma II, is quoted as saying by ABC News. ‘On a somewhat more positive note, we consider this as a bizarre appreciation of the known degree of realism incorporated into our games.’ Back May, we shared with you a humorous CNN news broadcast that was aired back in the ’90s.