They describe and hyperlink this content to the primary competencies mandated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. It’s high time to improve, and need excellence in residency teaching about unhealthy substance make use of in internal medication residency training applications, said lead writer Angela Jackson, MD, Vice Chair for Education, division of medicine Director, Principal Care TRAINING CURRICULUM and a co-employee professor of medication at BUSM. Because medical management for substance make use of is most reliable when integrated with medical and additional treatment, education should mirror this process, integrating curricula on harmful substance use into general residency schooling, she added..• The most recent update of main corporate involvement and ownership in the organic food sector is currently out. • Moment of Duh – New study suggests diabetics might advantage more from diet and exercise than drugs. • Upgrade on The Genetically Modified Salmon tale – Democratic Senators want open public involvement in the decision. • Hour 2 – There are few things more frustrating than acquiring a health care treatment that functions for you personally – – a chiropractic adjustment that relieves nagging lower back pain or a yoga exercise course that helps reduce stress and anxiety – – only to discover that your insurance won’t shell out the dough.