Stimulating blood flow the follicles and scalp of hair helps the scalp to absorb the argan oil well, therefore continue massaging the oil for 10-15 minutes. To increase the curative effect of argan oil, get this to treatment several times weekly. Then your further development of significant hair loss is going to be ceased and new hair will grow again. Style the locks after treatment as normal. The treating perfecting the scalp health Though you do not have the presssing problem of hair loss, argan oil treatment can also heal different kinds of scalp circumstances that might result baldness in the future, in order to prevent baldness.For chemical burns, flush the certain area with lots of running water for five minutes or more. If the burned area is large, use a tub, shower, buckets of drinking water, or a garden hose. Do not remove any of your child’s clothing before you’ve begun flushing the burn with water. As you continue flushing the burn, you can remove clothes from the burned area then. If the burned area from a chemical is small, flush for another 10-20 minutes, apply a sterile gauze bandage or pad, and call your physician. Chemical burns to the mouth or eye require instant medical evaluation after thorough flushing with water. Although both chemical and electrical burns may not always be visible, they could be serious due to potential damage to organs.