5. Poke root. These herbs is the most powerful herb for anti-tumor and anti-cancer. It is also an all natural fat burning capacity stimulating and detoxifying agent. In the early-to-middle portion of the 19th hundred years American doctor demonstrated that poke root as a topical treatment for cancer. 6. Mushroom. Mushroom that is used for a large number of years as a folk medicine to strengthening immune system and fight tumors in your body.Woodbridge, M.D., M.B.A. Of the University of Nebraska and Bradley N. Doebbeling, M.D. Of the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University College of Medicine. The scholarly study was funded by the U.S. Section of Veterans Affairs. Related StoriesDanish researchers face possible breakthrough in fight against cancerLess effective drugs might help beat malaria more effectivelyTGen researchers sign up for international scientists in discovering how malaria protein could some day avoid cancer While latest spikes in malaria outbreaks in parts of Africa, in highland East Africa particularly, have been blamed on environment change, Aaron Bernstein, a researcher and pediatrician with the Center for Health insurance and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, said that skepticism about the correlation between your two is certainly warranted, adding that the world-wide incidence of malaria provides decreased despite a growing buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.