PI-88 is going through a Phase II scientific system in metastatic melanoma as an individual agent therapy; advanced non-small cell lung cancers in conjunction with chemotherapy ); as adjuvant treatment in post – operative primary liver malignancy ; and as an individual agent therapy in multiple myeloma . We believe the effectiveness of PI-88 resides in its capability to inhibit both angiogenesis and metastasis concurrently and we’ve seen evidence that potential may be realized across a number of cancers, mentioned Robert Don PhD, Progen’s VP of Analysis and Advancement. The FDA’s orphan medication designation further strengthens our plan for PI-88 by offering important accelerated medical advancement and commercialization benefits..‘Pharma China Seminar – Building Achievement in China’s Pharma Sector’ will focus on the most recent trends and issues in drug regulation and healthcare guidelines, pharma advertising and distribution channels, the regulatory process for new drug development, and also intellectual property and legalities. At the Pharma China Seminar, leading experts of the Chinese pharmaceutical/healthcare sector with different specializations will share their knowledge and expertise through exceptional data, detailed analysis, case studies and interactive panel discussions.