If symptoms continue or come back, JP may use another injection. He should then then seek emergency health care and notify the medical group he provides administered epinephrine. The pharmacist also needs to counsel JW about the potential undesireable effects of epinephrine use such as elevated or irregular heartbeat, sweating, weakness, shakiness, paleness, anxiety, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, or nausea—all of which should subside with time. Case 2: Yes, this burn qualifies for OTC self-care. However, the appropriateness of self-care management depends upon the burn level and %age of body surface involved.Satellite television Symposium – Tackling Complex HEART DISEASE. THE BUSINESS will sponsor a satellite television symposium titled Tackling complicated heart disease anno 2009: scientific and technical improvement, chaired by Stephan Windecker, M.D., and Keith Dawkins, M.D., from 2:00-3:30 p.m. In the Belgrade Area. Discussion topics shall are the development of drug-eluting stents, the promise of brand-new stent technology and case a report with a fresh stent platform. Boston Scientific’s new Component Stent system will be featured, and also other new technology.Wednesday, 2 SYNTAX Study Update September.