The effect of the storms on medical system and in health services has been far and wide – – the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people provides made it problematic for them to get healthcare, important health information have been destroyed and residents continue to face both physical and mental implications of both storms. Due to these back-to-back events, almost 100 health agencies in the New Orleans area had been either flooded or destroyed , serving a combined 21,000 home wellness patients.With additional exams, the researchers were able to determine why. Our results show that almost all children are Supplement D deficient post-operatively as a result of borderline acceptable levels prior to surgery, combined with a 40 percent decline through the operation. The role of Vitamin D in the growth and maintenance of bone wellness is well known to the general public. However, recent research have also suggested Supplement D to be important for the correct functioning of various other organs including the heart, lungs and immune systems. This scholarly study by Dr. Confirms this McNally, as sufferers with lower post-operative Vitamin D levels were even more prone to requiring more life-sustaining therapies and stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for longer periods of time.