The next step may be to find other bacteria that can survive for even longer. The team suggest that the bugs may have advantages over injected vaccines, which often have problems reaching peripheral parts of the body, such as mucosal surfaces in the vagina. The bacteria also needs to be easier and cheaper than creating a drug gel, and if the bugs could be taken orally, as in probiotic yoghurts, production would be easier even, and treatment more easily maintained. As dealing with people in developing countries is seen as the biggest problem regarding HIV at the moment, the new approach could answer those needs.Limiting your intake of reddish meats is very important with regards to a healthy diet plan. Instead, you should concentrate on including more lean proteins, such as for example fish and chicken. Other ways to improve your diet are to eat hearty whole grains within certain breads, pastas and rice dishes. Make sure to avoid fried foods that are saturated in trans-fats always. From a healthy diet plan Aside, you can practice malignancy prevention by firmly taking certain supplements and vitamin supplements.