CNN sponsor Fareed Zakaria may be a serial plagiarist Plagiarism for a reporter, broadcaster, researcher or educational is a career-killer literally, but also for some mainstream media outlets, it generally does not seem to matter much, provided that the accused is well-connected to the powerful politically . According to various reviews, CNN sponsor Fareed Zakaria is quite possibly not really a plagiarist but a serial one at that; as The Daily Beast notes, he is currently fending off fresh charges that he has plagiarized lots of his written work – – so much so that some publications are also attaching warnings to his work. As further reported by Newsmax, which cited The DB’s survey: Zakaria, has come under fire from two contributors to a blog called Our Bad Press. The pair, who say they blog as a hobby, have spent 90 days poring over Zakaria’s writings, and say they possess found numerous instances of plagiarism. Some nagging problems with his insufficient attribution In latest weeks, several major media outlets to which Zakaria offers contributed possess leveled criticism at him and posted warnings with his archived work. In fact, Washington Post editorial page Editor Fred Hiatt – – who has vociferously defended Zakaria against costs of plagiarism during the past – – has even said his paper may possibly add warnings to five Zakaria columns which were published before August 2012, phoning his mistakes unfair to readers and to the original sources. The columns in question strike me as problematic within their absence of complete attribution, Hiatt told the Poynter Institute. Both Our Bad Mass media bloggers, The DB reported, have told other press outlets they are not professional journalists and do not profess to be, nor are they searching for employment in the world of journalism. Rather, the pair – – who go by handles @BlippoBlappo and @Crushingbort Twitter, say they took aim at Zakaria and other journalists because nobody else was doing it. In feedback emailed to Newsweek, @Crushingbort elaborated, It’s hard to convey the sense of disbelief to find that many of the biggest and most respected news outlets in the united states either lied about having examined Zakaria’s function or did it very, very badly. The duo have actually dissected Zakaria’s CNN teleprompter scripts for any evidence of plagiarism. The DB additional explained: Zakaria is a juicy target but has managed to stay used, @Crushingbort added, because [h]e’s one of the most prominent faces of regular wisdom in politics and it’s really clear from opening up the opinion portion of The New York Times or The Washington Post that that sort of role comes with job security a lot of people could only imagine. No comment In an email to The DB, Hiatt elaborated on his actions: In the initial batch of columns which were posted, I did not think the allegations concerning the [Post] columns acquired merit. The anonymous posters put up six fresh allegations yesterday, and we looked at those and sensed, on preliminary look, that five of these were problematic. We’re looking more carefully now, and where my preliminary view up holds, we will post messages, I wish within the next day or two. However, many were attacking the messengers, not Zakaria’s message. The author of The DB story, Lloyd Grove, wrote of @BlippoBlappo and @Crushingbort – – after lavishing fawning compliment on Zakaria and detailing his Ivy League academics: [I]t must drive him to demented distraction, and prompt a primal scream at the planet’s cruel absurdities, that he has been taken down a peg or two by a set of pathetically uncredentialed, no-accounts bloggers who go by the ridiculous Twitter handles @Crushingbort and @Blippoblappo. Zakaria himself has attemptedto downplay his behavior, informing friends privately that he’s the victim of vicious pedantry, and that his lapses are trivial and, at most severe, journalistic misdemeanors of the sort that generally pass without notice at the country’s most respected publications, Grove wrote. And yet, when asked about the fees, Zakaria finds himself above it all, as he declines to comment.

CNN: Lightweight aluminum in vaccines is okay because it’s in antacids too On tv, a quack doctor compares seatbelt safety in cars to the safety of vaccines, as though vaccines have ever been tested for safety by the establishment or the vaccine industry; nevertheless, in the same interview, another doctor exposes the chemicals in vaccines and let’s you know that they’ve NEVER been examined for protection or verified as effective. There are several reasons for this, and you may learn quickly when a great whistleblower gets his ‘day in court’ and the idiot box makes the mistake of broadcasting the truth. It doesn’t happen frequently, but the mainstream media has holes, which was a really, big one really. On CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Dr. Jack Wolfson gives us the quick ‘low down’ on toxic vaccines and how the whole market has pulled the wool over the eye around 300,000,000 People in america for more than 50 years. ‘What I am opposed to is that we are injecting chemicals into our children,’ Dr. Wolfson said. ‘That is aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal proteins sometimes. There’s antibiotics within.’ Burnett retorts with some vaccine-market, producer-scripted one-liners to help America deal with this whistleblowing doctor and tries to reassure Americans that they are going to be okay . The other doctor speaks in the CNN interview about longevity and the seriousness of measles, but measles is usually a simple illness along with a rash and a fever that always just goes away, similar to the poultry pox. Controversy over vaccines is usually spreading – – and for good cause!In the Erin Burnett interview through the Disney Land measles outbreak hoax and propaganda-style scare, she tries to parallel aluminum in vaccines with aluminum hydroxide in antacid tablets. However, this is not becoming injected into muscle tissue with other carcinogenic chemicals, so this can be an awful assessment. Plus, lead is situated in many food items and even medicine, but nobody will inject lead into their veins and call it immunity, now are they? That certainly won’t conserve lives and preserve wellness, like the CDC claims injecting light weight aluminum, mercury as thimerosal and deadly formaldehyde do. Here’s the CNN clip with Dr. Wolfson speaking. It’s hard to hear, most likely because YouTube doesn’t need you watching it, and does MSM or the vaccine-industrial complex neither. They don’t allow Wolfson speak though until five minutes into the interview. Check it out: By the way, recently vaccinated children spread the measles by ‘shedding’ the LIVE VIRUS they’ve simply been injected with, therefore to even talk about that unvaccinated kids shouldn’t head to public schools during a measles outbreak is certainly ridiculous fear-mongering spewed by a journalistic HACK on MSM in the name of a for-profit chemical industry. Non-fraudulent and Real studies have shown plenty of risks to getting vaccines, and because the CDC says ‘they’re safe and effective’ doesn’t refute those studies. We don’t place pesticides in vaccines, if you would like to create that argument, though pesticides arrive in most processed food items even. Go ahead, place some Roundup in a vaccine and reveal it’s effective and safe. Then have all of Congress verify it by getting their kids ‘tested’ first. It shall never happen. Watch this essential interview with Dr. Wolfson on an NBC station out of Phoenix: Lightweight aluminum phosphate is in most vaccines, along with mercury and formaldehydeBeware: Aluminum significantly escalates the toxicity of mercury, so all caution about ‘minimal mercury tolerance’ is consequently severely underestimated. CDC researchers and all doctors are well aware of this. The Gardasil HPV vaccine, given to try to drive back the human being papillomavirus ostensibly, is a vaccine manufactured by Merck and administered to kids as young as nine years of age for a rare sexually transmitted disease. It includes polysorbate 80, sodium chloride, light weight aluminum and a ‘denatured’ form of the virus. Perform you question why many girls get into anaphylactic shock after getting the aluminum-laced HPV vaccine? ‘We’re doing something that is totally international – – totally unnatural to your kids,’ as Dr. Jack Wolfson clarifies on CNN. By the way, Dr. Wolfson can be a board-certified cardiologist. Wellness Ranger Mike Adams offers inspected many foods in his Forensic Meals Lab investigating vaccines, foods and organic superfoods for rock toxins even, and his lab tests reveal alarming degrees of toxins right down to the parts per million and billion. You can find out more about the flu shot, superfoods, protein powders, cacao and even pet food. Here’s a start: Good luck on your journey for clean food and clean medicine. Stay informed.