In cryoablation, the catheter tip is cooled, of heated instead, and some of the heart muscle is frozen, removing its capability to carry electrical signals. Cryoablation certainly is going to have a very important function in treating young children. In cryoablation, the first step is to cool, but not freeze, the certain area suspected of causing the arrhythmia in a process called cryomapping. At this true point, the heart loses its electric function without losing any mechanical function, therefore the heart cells are recoverable and alive. This provides a way of measuring safety which isn’t obtainable in radiofrequency ablation.Specifically, in the December 2 their findings, 2008, issue of PLoS Biology indicate the 3d chromatin packaging around genes created by restricted, rosette-like loops of Polycomb group proteins . The chromatin packaging, a complicated mix of DNA and proteins that compress DNA to match inside cells, provides a repressive hub that will keep genes in a low expression condition. ‘We believe the polycomb proteins match abnormal DNA methylation of genes to deactivate tumor suppressor genes and lock cancer cells in a primitive condition,’ says Stephen B. Baylin, M.D., D and Virginia.K. Ludwig Professor of Oncology and senior author. Related StoriesCrucial switch in single DNA base predisposes children to intense form of cancerNew results reveal association between colorectal tumor and melanoma drug treatmentMeat-rich diet may boost kidney cancer riskPrior to this discovery, investigators studying malignancy genes, looked at gene silencing as a linear procedure across the DNA, as though genes were smooth, one dimensional objects.