The wealthy companies of the globe want the complete population to be reliant on them for food, medicine and even individual reproduction. There is absolutely no human actions that can’t be exploited by companies for intellectual property statements. The street to totalitarian enslavement is normally paved with patents. If we continue steadily to allow companies to claim possession over our cash, our medications, our seeds, genes and plants, after that make no mistake about the results: We will all end up being worker slaves within an elitist plutocracy operate by companies. Some say we’re near that already. Just appear at how successfully corporate interests right now control the U.S.Exposure to fluoride, meanwhile , can donate to a seven-point drop in IQ actually. The rest of the chemicals, which are placed in pesticides and solvents, have been associated with deficits in social advancement and increased aggressive behaviors, Recreation area writes, adding: The research team acknowledges that there isn’t a causal connection between contact with any single chemical and behavioral or neurological complications – – it’s too challenging to isolate the consequences of each chemical to come quickly to such conclusions.