Don’t place a baby about a soft surface area to sleep, like a soft mattress, sofa, or waterbed. Ensure that your bed’s headboard and footboard don’t possess openings or cutouts that can trap your baby’s mind. Ensure that your mattress suits snugly in the bedframe which means that your baby won’t become trapped between your body and the mattress. Don’t cover your son or daughter’s head while sleeping. Avoid pillows, comforters, quilts, and additional soft or plush products on the bed. You can dress your child in a sleeper rather than using blankets. Don’t consume alcohol or use medications or drugs that can keep you from waking or may cause you to roll over onto, and suffocate therefore, your baby. Don’t place your bed close to draperies or window blinds where your child could possibly be get caught in and strangled by cords.CHPG serves to activate the receptor selectively, reducing microglial toxicity.. Bacterial biofilms In another of the initial potential applications of artificial biology, an emerging field that aims to create and build useful biomolecular systems, researchers from MIT and Boston University are engineering viruses to attack and destroy the top biofilms that harbor parasites in your body and on industrial and medical devices. They have successfully demonstrated one particular virus, and because of a plug and play library of parts think that many more could possibly be custom-designed to focus on different species or strains of bacterias.