It has been proven that whenever the folic acid levels are upped the person’s mood improves. Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1, has also been shown to affect mood. B1 improves the mood of those who are not depressives even. Menopause can especially affect moods in females going through that stage of their lives. Menopausal moods can be lifted by Supplement B12 levels. Once a woman reaches the age of fifty her levels of this vitamin have greatly diminished to the point where she frequently has only fifty % what she should in her program.Each stage increase in hostility score was associated with a lack of FEV1 – – the quantity of air that can be forced out from the lungs in a single second, and a measure of lung power – – of 9 ml a year compared with men whose hostility amounts were lower. The authors point out that anger and hostility have been associated with cardiovascular disease, death, and asthma, and that earlier research has suggested that changes in mood can have short-term effects on the lungs. Hostility and Anger will alter neurological and hormonal processes, which may disturb immune system activity, producing chronic irritation, suggest the authors.