Without the responsibilities of an operating job or children, it’s common for folks at this time of life to experience an identity crisis. But Moll says that retirees who embrace leisure throughout their lives are less likely to lose that feeling of self when they stop working. For individuals who stay energetic throughout their Golden Years, leisure provides structure from what appears to be an unstructured day time. ‘It keeps them more mentally aware, emotionally linked and physically capable. Their pastimes give them a sense of competency and independence, as they may be losing some of their other skills even.’ Moll says that the first step to adding leisure to your daily life is to determine how very much leisure is normally lacking.Drakeman, President & CEO of Medarex.

Approximately 1 in 4 individuals will develop atrial fibrillation . Many disconcerting is their potential for hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, as this risk boosts up to 5-fold in AF patients. AF’s startling prevalence and intensity have not dispelled misconceptions and difficulties associated with managing related stroke and transient ischemic strike . Despite advances in imaging technology, the complete system of cardiac clot formation in AF patients remains unknown.