She directed Community State Partnerships to boost End-of-Life Care also, an $11.25M grant award program. A regular lecturer on the ethics of discomfort management for the terminally ill, Christopher helped to bring end of lifestyle care issues to nationwide attention by serving as general public outreach advisor to Costs Moyers for his PBS documentary On Our Own Terms. Among the honors Christopher has received on her behalf work to improve look after those suffering from advanced illness and chronic pain will be the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s Patient Advocacy Award, the American Academy of Critical Care Nursing’s Pioneering Spirit Award and the Marian Gray Secundy SANKOFA Award for efforts to really improve palliative and end-of-life look after African Americans.The feds drew bloodstream by capturing Dave Bundy with a Taser. A video shows Dave smacking the taser probes away from his body in self defense. This show of blood and violence against conservative ranchers is certainly all but motivated by the liberal media by their silence. If this had been happening in virtually any other country, the U.S. Mass media would cover it as worldwide information. The media’s silence on this story can be an endorsement of federal brutality against ranchers. If this had been occurring in Russia, North Korea or China, it would be international news.