But while colorectal cancer situations possess dropped in adults over 50 steadily, they increased by a lot more than 2 percent each year in younger adults. The boost was highest for rectal cancers, which jumped almost 4 percent each year. Colon cancer rates rose nearly 3 percent per year. To compound the nagging problem, doctors state many people might not suspect cancer when symptoms like bleeding, abdominal pain, or a noticeable change in bowel habits strike someone in their 30s or 40s. The effect is often a delay in diagnosis. The study discovered that young adults were more likely than old adults to be identified as having late-stage cancers, which are harder to take care of.CTI second-quarter total net operating expenditures decrease to $20.0 million Cell Therapeutics, Inc. today reported latest accomplishments and financial results for the second one fourth ended June 30, 2010. We continue steadily to make progress on moving the pixantrone Advertising Authorization Application ahead in Europe with the submission of a revised and expanded Pediatric Investigation Strategy within the program filing for an MAA in European countries.