was $4,803, and the acquisitions of the last year from Community Benefit Rehabilitation of $1,186 and Pharmacy of $1,057. Revenue for the six months ended June 30, 2011 elevated by 91 percent or $26,964 to $56,631. Income for Medical Assessments and Rehabilitation was $15,083, a rise of 82 percent over the same one fourth in the prior year. For the half a year ended June 30, 2011, revenue increased 48 percent to $21,968. Income for physiotherapy providers rendered through our Eldercare and Homecare divisions was $11,253 for the three month period finished June 30, 2011, a 54 percent increase of the same period in the prior year. Eldercare added 4,june 30 287 brand-new beds in its existing business in the six month period ended, 2011, which includes contributed growth of $1,853.Relating to speech intelligibility, the median rating was 4 in WS versus 4.5 in nonsyndromic implanted children, with 71.4 percent of WS children reaching the optimum SIR category. The meaningful use of speech scale questionnaire resulted in a mean score of 33.2 in WS versus 32.3 in nonsyndromic children away of a total score of 40.0. Overall, no statistically significant distinctions between nonsyndromic and WS children were observed for the outcomes measured, notes the team.