Alphatec Spine’s first-quarter preliminary consolidated revenues up 25.6 percent Alphatec Holdings, Inc. , the parent firm of Alphatec Backbone, Inc., a medical device company that styles, develops, manufactures and markets products for the medical procedures of spine disorders, with a concentrate on treating conditions related to the aging backbone, announces today that, based on preliminary economic data, the business will record record consolidated quarterly revenues of approximately $38.4 million for the first quarter 2010, an increase of 25.6 percent from the $30.6 million reported for the first quarter 2009, and a sequential increase of 5.0 percent over fourth quarter 2009 revenues of $36.6 million.‘People believe it’s dangerous to treat patients with schizophrenia with more than one antipsychotic medication, but there is nothing to back again that up, says Professor Tiihonen. ‘I really believe that most doctors prescribe several antipsychotics if their individuals are not helped by simply one kind, and our study finds no link between this and elevated mortality throughout a four calendar year follow-up. But it does mean more undesireable effects, such as the threat of weight-gain, which impacts medical in the long run also, so the suggested attitude is among restraint still.’.. Antioxidant therapy may prevent long-long lasting cognitive impairment in cerebral malaria: Research Using an experimental mouse model pertaining to malaria, an international band of scientists has discovered that adding antioxidant therapy to traditional antimalarial treatment might prevent long-lasting cognitive impairment in cerebral malaria.