‘When the fluoride goes into the water. It’s shown to lower the IQ of children and we believe that is something we need,’ explains Brannigan to one nonverbal woman who proceeds to write down her personal information along with her signature at his demand. Others in fact acknowledged what Brannigan and LePage had been informing them about fluoride’s toxicity and its own brain-damaging effects on children but still proceeded to sign it. One fluoride supporter, after her obviously smarter friend reads aloud the line from the petition about fluoride becoming toxic and dangerous, is heard not merely acknowledging this truth but openly agreeing with fluoride’s continued make use of.Health specialists from the Queensland University of Technology warn the youngsters in the 2010 Australian Chlamydia Meeting in Brisbane.

Athletic performance can improve following heat acclimation Turning up heat may be the most sensible thing for sportsmen competing in cool weather conditions, according to a fresh study by individual physiology researchers in the University of Oregon. Published in the October problem of the Journal of Applied Physiology, the paper examined the impact of heat acclimation to boost athletic performance in amazing and hot environments. Researchers conducted exercise lab tests on 12 experienced cyclists – – 10 men and two females – – before and following a 10-day high temperature acclimation program.