Researchers from the Agenzia Sanitaria e Sociale Regionale Emilia-Romagna, in cooperation with the CeVEAS – AUSL Modena and the Regional Proba – group in Italy, a two-stage survey used initially investigate family and hospital paediatricians knowledge and attitude towards antibiotics, as well as the the parents, and then, by the factors associated with pediatricians determine the actual practices of antibiotic prescription more info . They found that for parents, lack of knowledge was the most important factor potentially associated with over-prescription. Interviewed for the pediatricians, 56 percent thought that diagnostic uncertainty of antibiotic of antibiotic over-prescription, and suggested only 20 percent, that parental expectations of a prescription was to blame. However, observed practices, parental expectation was a recipe, as seen by the doctor, the second highest factor significantly associated with actual prescription, with the most important factor is the discharge from the child’s ear. ‘exists a wide gap between perceived and real determinants of antibiotic prescribing,’says lead researcher Maria Luisa Moro, ‘This can promote antibiotic overuse. ‘Unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics is dangerous because it increases the prevalence of antibiotic – resistant bacteria. Of the European countries, in Italy there is particularly high antibiotic prescription and resistance, thus reducing inappropriate use of antibiotics in this country is very important. :: ‘All of the above results confirm the important role of cultural factors and social factors in determining the pattern of antimicrobial prescribing in a region. ‘.

In this study, the UCLA team tested the drug against 34 ovarian cancer cell lines and led her genetic analysis on all cell lines. Through these analyzes, the researchers were able to genes identified to predict response to Sprycel. If the work is confirmed in human studies, possible to test possible to test patients for Src activation and select those who would respond prior to treatment, personalizing their care. That we may in future clinical trials in selecting patients for studies the drug to help. .

The Society for Maternal – Fetal Medicine (est. Maternotoxic member group of for obstetricians / obstetrician, which supplementary formal education and training in maternal – fetal medicine are. The Company shall devoted to for reducing the high-risk pregnancy complications by educating of your 2,000 members of on the latest pregnancy Assessing and techniques. Time serves as intercessors for improving public policy in and expanding research funding and possibilities parent – fetal medicine. Which set holds an annual scientific conference where new ideas and research findings the field of mother – fetal medicine are introduced and discussed.

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