After treatment. Treatment – October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Cancer is a time for celebration. But cancer can also long-term effects on health and well-being, and women should be aware of at the challenges that may follow the treatment.

BPH is a condition in which the prostate enlarges, the urinary symptoms such as urgency and need to go can often cause.for this for this news item: Pharmaceutical Companies, therapy, tadalafil, impotence Agents, prostate disease, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular agents, Eli Lilly and Company, genitourinary tract Agents, benign prostatic hyperplasia, Physiological Sexual Dysfunction, prostate and bladder. Hypertension.Each of these risk factors with important ways to interventions to reduce the risk, the researchers said. 2.3 % in a strong association between strokes and protein in urine which. As markers of to kidney dysfunction which diabetic diabetes The researchers concluded further inquiries the link between renal function and stroke cases are needed.

Among American Indians age 18 and over, 8 % have suffered a stroke, as compared to 3.4 % of African Americans and 2.3 % among whites, according the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association.