Product DisclosureThe Diamondback 36 System is a percutaneous orbital atherectomy system for use as therapy in patients with occlusive atherosclerotic disease in peripheral arteries and stenotic material from artificial arteriovenous dialysis fistulae specified. The system is for use in coronary arteries, bypass grafts, stents, or where thrombus or sections are present contraindicated. Although the incidence of adverse events is rare, include potential events that can occur with atherectomy Pain, hypotension Pain, hypotension, CVA / TIA, dissection, perforation, distal embolization, thrombus formation, hematuria, abrupt or acute vessel closure, or arterial spasm.

A special emphasis the strengthening of strengthening the school and health facilities by the community ownership and participation. In the second year of the multi-sector project, UNICEF and its partners will conduct large-scale campaigns.The effects of the floods of Benin has been ‘underestimated’, and there is increasing concern at the humanitarian situation, by of a UN mission, has the measurement the situation in the country for the beginning of October, VOA News reports. High Water cover two thirds of the land, said United Nations, added that spread out water-borne disease and was able aggravate an existing cholera outbreak.. Tuesday, the local authority tells that 60 human were killed and 120,000 have been forced to abandon their homes, reports Reuters. Benin Interior Ministry spokesman Franck Kinninvo said there are 800 cases of cholera in the country to seven people of the water and groceries communicable disease passed away.