The study analyzed cognitive control in terms of the amount of time since methamphetamine was last used , as well as total time spent with the drug. The researchers found that abstinent abstinent recently carried out was significantly worse on the Stroop test than those who had been abstinent for a year or longer. In addition, there was no statistical difference between the test results for at least one year abstinent and non-drug using controls site . Test results. Methamphetamine was connected with poorer test results. Likewise, long-term abstinence in improved test performance was associated.

In this study, Mayo Clinic researchers developed a framework for MRI-based differential diagnosis of three common neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal lobar degeneration , and Lewy body disease using Structural MRI. Currently, the investigation of the brain at autopsy is the only way to confirm a patient had a patient had a specific form of dementia. , which, which is ‘structural abnormality index ‘or STAND – Map shows promise in accurately diagnosing dementia patients while they are still alive. The reason is that when each of neurodegenerative be associated be associated with a unique pattern on the specific atrophy MRI, then it may be possible to differentially diagnose new patients. The study looked at 90 patients from the Mayo Clinic database, which confirmed that only a single dementia pathology have were also underwent an MRI at the time of clinical diagnosis of dementia. Using the STAND – Map framework researchers predicted an accurate pathological diagnosis 75 to 80 % of the time. – ‘The STAND – Map framework might have great potential in the early diagnosis of dementia patients,’says Prashanthi Vemuri, senior research fellow at the Mayo Clinic aging and dementia imaging research lab and lead author of the study. ‘The next step would be to test the framework for a large population we see if we can replicate these results and the accuracy level we achieved in this proof of concept study. This in turn be better treatments for people with dementia dementia cause ‘.

The Wall Street Journal reported to be abortion rights of group mobilizing to make a determination that the abortion was to strengthen restrictions maintain of a Senate health care reform bill. Activists hoping Washington to collect overflow and on December 2, lobbying, during the week in that the Senate start debate. Ads to poke the limits and a new coalition – that Coalition for passport health reform and Stop Stupak – molded, the Journal says. Offer in to the house, to change by Rep. Bart Stupak determined that the draft law openly go health Map is not abortion meet The also bans anyone gives federal health of the the invoice on purchase of an insurance. – particularly especially with her own money. Covers abortion people of enabling it buy a driver covering abortions with her own money but be abortion driver will be only be of a handful out of states. Orrin Hatch is expected 130,000 similar to Mr. Stupak range The sacredness of life be non an issue which will is dealt of policy expedience, Hatchback recent said of the Senate. The amendment have pass 51 votes to, but only be two senators from in the 60-member Democratic are considered are considered heavily antiabortion: Ben Nelson made Nebraska and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania (Bendavid.

Politico reports in a separate tale, which Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Monday said is ” not hypocritical to in RNC staff always abortions cover by its insurer. ‘Politically earlier report that said RNC was which health care map by the insurer Cigna is abortion in 1991, even though the party platform has usually a right to abortion in contrast.