Is sufficient evidence for a causal relationship, the strongest level of evidence that many studies have established a clear link between exposure to an agent and a health impact. Among other requirements must be a plausible explanation for the biological relationship. None of the compounds evaluated in this report met these criteria.

– There is sparse information is available on actual exposure of individual service members have experienced – a critical factor in assessing the health effects – the committee could not draw specific conclusions about Gulf War veterans ‘ chances of developing lung cancer or other health problems a result of the exposure. No systematic monitoring of air pollution from the oil fires and in the Persian Gulf region implemented to May 1991, and this monitoring not measure levels of contamination produced by other combustion sources such as heaters or engines. Moreover, no data are available that would allow comparisons between exposure to air pollutants during the Gulf War and exposures to similar contaminants in civilian occupational and environmental settings..In the office of Dr. Randy Wexler, flu vaccines a simple routine a simple routine – patient arrive, receives the shot, and leaves shortly thereafter.

‘If I was an employer , I would wondering why of the working system of remuneration insurance companies pocket 50 cents out of every premium dollars possible. Should be output hard earned premium dollars in the health for injured workers, does not lining insurance company ‘ pockets, ‘Smith found.