Called the Most caries by a particular bacterial strain Streptococcus mutans causes. While 500-600 different species of bacteria thrive on mucus and food particles in the mouth mutans is particularly harmful because sugar sugar on the surface of the teeth and converts it to lactic acid. The lactic acid is what gnaws at an enamel addyi .

The new study, which found out by doctors at Duke University, R. Holmesting has produce a temporary improvement in quality of life, but that the long-term benefits not of drug treatment the drug treatment alone.

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Stockand James D., a researcher at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, study epithelial sodium channels in the cells of of kidney, lung and the colon. His current research can understanding of how to understanding of how those cells regulate salt and would someday be used to treat hypertension. ‘It will not happen tomorrow, but this research there are people translational research, as improve treatments for blood pressure ‘, Stockand said. The American Physiological Society Stockand has the 2007 Henry Pickering Bowditch Memorial Award reached for early-career. The prize recognizes one scientist age of 42 years, whose performances are original and outstanding. It is the second ‘s second highest accolade. Stockand associate Professor at his university will be the experimental Bowditch lectures ‘New insights into the regulation the ENaC by small G-proteins and phosphatidylinositides ‘needing at 05 Sunday, April at the APS meeting. 2007 at Ballroom B that Washington Convention Center is planning the APS is a whole track to ion channels, the importance of this field of research.