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The study’s lead author, Mark Landon, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State University Medical Center, the condition obstetricians screen and try to treat gestational diabetes, they can not as close attention to the treatment of women charged milder forms ‘ based on our results, ‘notes that only 7 percent of women in the treatment group required insulin, while 93 percent kept their blood glucose control with diet alone (Nano, AP / Boston Globe.

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Handy clinical relevance these findings can in deciding whether adjuvant therapy of patients with PPP to advise after surgery. Etc regarding several studies indicate that adjuvant radiotherapy enhanced important findings such time to disease and mortality in patients who PPP. The present study supporting this supposition to patients with middle and high risk prostate cancer but suggests for patients be spared by low-risk disease, side effects and expense of radiation can due to their inherent lower risk of progression.