American Cancer Society. Detailed Guide: gastric cancer. Available at: Ohtsu, chemotherapy for metastatic gastric cancer: past, present and future. J Gastroenterol 2008; 43:256-264. American Cancer Society. Overview: stomach cancer.Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporationreleased data show RAD001 ) halted tumor growth in 55 percent of patients with advanced gastric cancer, a condition for which there are limited treatment options. Beyond 45 percent of patients in the study showed some shrinkage of the tumor .

A global Phase III clinical trial program to the efficacy and safety the efficacy and safety of RAD001 monotherapy in approximately 500 patients with advanced gastric cancer begins enrollment this year. Most patients with advanced gastric cancer eventually stop responding to current therapies, demonstrate a significant need for new treatment options, said Alessandro Riva, Executive Vice President & Global Head of Development, Novartis Oncology. Early data show RAD001 may benefit these patients and provides the rationale for further studies. Novartis is required is further the potential of RAD001 for this difficult to cancer, and the investigation its role in other tumor types to treat. .Other maps are outlined: – supply assistance Commissioner shall end when the improvement of the information on cancer service and the results them. Source: Department of Health.

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