Uncontrolled hypertension is a major cause of premature death and disability in non-Hispanic black men. Compared with black women, men have less frequent physician contact for provisioning and significantly lower rates of hypertension detection, treatment and control. December 2008, owned barbershops hold special appeal for community-based intervention studies, because it is a cultural institution that attracts a large and loyal male clientele and provides an open forum for the discussion of various topics, such as health, with influential colleagues.

The authors concluded:The study deals with the newly recommended policy shift from the traditional case management system to new population-based systems and community-based support for people with hypertension. The data to an emerging literature on the effectiveness of community health workers in the care of people with high blood pressure added: contemporary barbers constitute a unique workforce of community health workers, In 2006disease.al predecessors were Bader.For more information, please contact:Scottish PressOffice Tel: 0131 247 3050 / 3052 Mobile: 07979 510 421 Fax: 0131 two hundred forty-seven three thousand and fifty-one E mail:.