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About Xenomics.

The Company believes that its technology open up significant new markets in the field of molecular diagnostics. Although patents, different applications of the technology for molecular diagnostics and genetic testing and a corresponding allowed European patent for the Company’s prenatal test. A joint venture a joint venture to conduct research on infectious disease detection, result with the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome, in the form of a research and development company called organized SpaXen Italia, SRL for more information, please visit Xenomics stock trading under the symbol XNOM.OB and is Frankfurt Stock Exchange under Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol XE7..

Countries of African welcomed new statistics on Global AIDS PandemicAfrica Action welcomed the revised estimates of the global AIDS epidemic by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS and the World Health Organization released, but warns that HIV / AIDS has serious implications for Africa. The report shows that sub-Saharan African countries, is home to 68 percent of people living with HIV worldwide are. According to new data from eight countries in the region for almost a third of all new HIV infections and AIDS deaths globally, and HIV / AIDS remains the leading cause of death in the region. Africa Action warns that this new report should not be misinterpreted to indicate current current funding levels and the international response to the pandemic. Continue reading

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