Plan, Approves Florida Plan, Medicaid Pilot Program for beneficiaries Switches to create managed care, Caps Some advantagesManaged Care Plan Opt Out option Under the plan, Florida Medicaid beneficiaries variety of number of managed care plans, most likely HMOs, although state officials predicted that physician and hospitals together could also provide a service provide services that the reported the Miami Herald (Miami Herald, the state will automatically register Medicaid beneficiaries in managed care plans in the event that they do not make a selection visitar web . Moreover, the plan will allow Medicaid beneficiaries have access to employer-sponsored health insurance opt out of the program and receive subsidies for premiums for the employer to pay sponsored coverage. Under the opt-out option would pay all Medicaid beneficiaries copayments and deductibles financed by the employer health insurance required. Under the plan, the government would funds funds into individual accounts for Medicaid beneficiaries in in weight loss, smoking cessation and other programs, , is health.

Center that is for the Office of Drug Safetymonitors after a two-year search for the director position at the FDA’s Office of Drug Safety, the approved drugs for new or dangerous side effects, the agency on Wednesday named Gerald Dal Pan fill the New York Times reported. Dal Pan previously served as Director of the monitoring, research and Communication support to the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research since 2003 said: ‘the office must be able to judgments previously he worked non-existent by the conflict of interest at the office to make new drugs new drugs. ‘Galson Dal ‘ ’eminently qualified to take on the challenge of leading this very important post. ‘Galson added lead the restructuring to improve, ‘like us, and evaluate the safety and efficacy of the products we regulate ‘(New York Times, Dal pan while the agency worked since 2000 , also serving previously as a reviewer of drug regulatory submissions to the FDA. Previously, he worked as a consultant for clinical do study design at Guilford Pharmaceuticals and as a faculty member of clinical Research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (CQ HealthBeat.

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