Will bring the same thinking on public health, carry messages, arguing that effective campaigns on everything from quitting smoking to safe sex, you need to consider how effective their target audience. Their target audience more information . How do you Outreach men? How do you get people to take their health seriously at all ages? And how do you get them to think of prevention? she asks.

Many snap-simple smoothie recipes are chockfull of sugar Itself We tend to forget that ingredients such as sweetened fruit juices, whole bananas and frozen yogurt. Itself high in sugar, put them together and they can be up to a whole lot of extra calories It’s easy to spice up your smoothie with a dose of easy-to – digest protein that helps keep you feeling tired and complacent. To consider two protein-packed ingredients are Greek yogurt or a protein powder? and always go for low-fat or fat-free versions to keep your smoothie as lean as possible.

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