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The study sample consisted of 220 U.S. College students 18 to 33 years. Participants a series of questionnaires a series of questionnaires, including scales, the perceived influence of peers and parents on sensitivity to appearance-based rejection, and the Sociocultural Attitudes Toward Appearance Scale-3, the dimensions of media literacy judged influence related to body image and appearance.In this paper, the researchers report that the small RNA molecule microRNA-7 which is into neurons, straight represses the expression of-synuclein, one protein in excess in excess, damaging certain types of brain cell. Piscataway persons are multiple copies of a-synuclein gene coming bottom by Parkinson , so inhibitors of – synuclein expression are attractive therapeutic targets, says Mouradian. Our manipulate protected nerve from the toxicity that performs from the raised amounts of this protein. There are no cure for Parkinson’s disease and there are no neuro therapy as of yet what this new policy for the manipulation of the molecular basis the disease a significant discovery , added Mouradian – ..