A number of drug delivery, are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies allocating significant resources to the development of novel drug delivery systems. After a small market, the drug delivery market is now ready for significant growth and holds great opportunities for both current players and new entrants. ‘The global drug delivery market has good growth seen in the past and will win projected to significant importance in the coming years,’note Frost & Sullivan (Industry Analyst Sylvia Miriyam Findlay ‘increased competition, the need maximize revenue and control. Patent expirations patent expirations, pharmaceutical companies have to roll up our sleeves and look novel drug delivery systems. ‘.

– promising areas in drug delivery nanotechnology Nano. -enabled drug delivery offers tremendous advantages over the current forms of drug delivery such as improved solubility, commendable bio – availability, better targeting and controlled delivery. – Nanotechnology-based drug delivery market is expected to garner $ 700 – $ 800 billion in sales by 2015. Says Findlay, The market by the expanding horizon of therapeutic applications are driven venture capital investments in nanotechnology drug delivery companies have been increasing and have therefore provided a positive spin to the market growth.Incidien And BioSynthema Register Exclusive arrangements on Neuroendocrine Cancer Therapy TechnologyCovidien Ltd. and BioSynthema Inc. Yesterday announced the signing of agreements the development and commercialization a nuclear medicine treatment for neuroendocrine cancer patients. Under the terms the exclusive license agreement appears BioSynthema have access to specific Covidien proprietary peptide technology. The license enables BioSynthema in order to this technology is. In connection with his their own proprietary technology and of clinical research to further develop a the new focused radionuclide therapy product Under the conditions of a separate agreement Covidien Commercialization Rights for marketing rights to the resultant cancer treatment technological.

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