The MS Society of Canada is an invitation for research operating grant proposals CCSVI related to multiple sclerosis from qualified investigators in Canadian institutions. Results are preliminary. Be evaluated for their scientific merit and relevance to the field of MS effective treatment .

Andrew Oswald / Wu ranking of happiness levels of the U.S. State of Louisiana Hawaii – Florida Tennessee – Arizona Mississippi – Montana South Carolina – Alabama Maine – Alaska North Carolina – Wyoming. IdahoSouth DakotaTexasArkansasVermontGeorgiaOklahomaColoradoDelawareUtahNew MexicoNorth Dakota – Minnesota New Hampshire Virginia – Wisconsin Oregon – Iowa Kansas – Nebraska West Virginia – Kentucky Washington – District of Columbia MissouriNevadaMarylandPennsylvaniaRhode IcelandMassachusettsOhioILCaliforniaIndianaMichiganNew Jersey Connecticut – New York Notes:Professor Oswald of this research was thanks to an ESRC Professorial Fellowship perform at the University of Warwick. This ESRC Professorial Fellowships are intended to Senior Social Scientist. These awards are back to pushing the boundaries of the social sciences by the leading British scientists the time and opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research understanding of a number understanding of a number of critical social science issues in areas that will the the environmental future of our society. The provision of the salary support, researcher support and linking with PhD student fellowships ships was developed to promote high quality and innovative progress in the social sciences. The Economic and Social Research Council is the UK’s largest organization for the promotion of research on economic and social issues.

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