The AMI statement contests this recommendation, citing alternate conclusions that were reached by a review of the evidence that was given by AMI in behalf. Such ad hoc literature, paid for by an interested party and performed by two researchers alone lacks the scope, objectivity and rigor of the AICR report is a model.

We at AICR wish the multi – billion dollar meat industry would be the money that they used to attack the objective conclusions of the independent expert and dedicated them to the research, why diets high in processed meat as consistently increase with disturbing the cancer are associated to take risks. Such efforts can succeed in isolating the specific cause or causes and processed meat safer. AICRime, can not change the amount of meat industry spin on the the full the full AICR report by the international scientific and medical community has accepted and is overwhelming scientific consensus., for further information about how to UCLA Cosmetic Surgery Center and the UCLA Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.