The charity rolls 37 Child-Friendly Spaces in and around Yangon to help children cope with the devastating effects of the disaster, many children were orphaned, injured or vulnerable to disease. World Vision priority is to to ensure that all children are safe and to support their recovery.

The rooms serve up to 100 children ever be put in schools, public buildings and other sites. World Vision is planning other centers in the Delta area, where tens of thousands of children from villages are sold flat and establish in areas where they can access food and shelter migration. Hundreds of orphans. Especially in in monasteries, schools and other buildings.According to an online Zeitung, Oktay and teams say from the Center for reproductive health and sterility by New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center, that it melted collected few tissue from one 30 – year-old woman prior to chemotherapy, and transplant is under the skin of her stomach.