Distinguished Professor Chandradhar Dwivedi, head of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department in the College of Pharmacy at SDSU, the work within 10 years could be commercialized. We are in a number of molecules that can be used with or without sunscreen sunscreen, look not only block the radiation, but they are reversing the damage due to radiation, ‘Dwivedi said.

The people are becoming more aware of the risk of skin cancer through education more people wear sunscreen when Dwivedi. Noted that sunscreen must be re – applied at regular intervals, optimum protection. – We have for a long time, said that prevention is the best medicine, said Dwivedi. We need to prevent the efforts to recover before we treat them to make. However, some new strategies are emerging that could make sunscreens and lotions to be more effective against skin cancer.DAS181 is an investigational therapy host focused drug candidate in that the inlet of influenza viruses into cells blocks the respiratory tract. Attempt is assessed the effect of DAS181 at influenza A virus load measured as by the amount of virus excretion rate in the top respiratory tract. In addition, the study will evaluate the safety and tolerance of the medicament and duration of following assess the clinical symptoms and global functions. The trial is being conducted at over 50 locations in the U.S. And in Mexico. With by the National Institute Allergy and Infectious Diseases , part of the National Institute of Health and by an independent by an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board.

NexBio did recently completed an phase Ib trial of increasing single and multi dosages DAS181 to healthy volunteers. The medicament is was well tolerated with there no major adverse events. NexBio recently announced.