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Women, he said, are more likely than men to have atypical heart attack symptoms – such as unexplained shortness of breath, dizziness or weakness. They are also more likely than men pain in the chest chest pain.

An extraordinary device, the trained wasps , rather than trained dogs to find, used some chemical smell realize 1 day detect hidden used to detect hidden explosives, plant disease , illegal drugs, cancer and even burying bodies, according of a joint study by researchers at the University of Georgia and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The trained wasps cup of cup-sized device, a so-called ‘Wasp Hound’, which is able to sounding an alarm or the triggering of a optical signal, how a flashing light, when the insect encounter a target odor. The sensor cheap use as trained dogs and more sensitive than a sophisticated chemical methods of detection, including in electronic lugs the researchers say. Its experimental device is planned in a study in order be released in January-February described in. Thread Biotechnology Progress, a joint publication entitled to the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Fifty-five past nine p.m. , a biological engineering to University of Georgia in Tifton, Georgia, studying Joe Lewis, a research entomologist by the USDA Agricultural Research Services, well in Tifton. Fish and even yeast are used all experimental various explosives or toxins, they are saying. Like batteries in a smoke detector, which designed wasps are not live forever and at some point need replacing, he said.