‘In one of the worst affected regions in Kenya, which Garrissa district, people were forced get get water from contaminated sources as the two liters per person that were available does not meet their basic needs. The recommended quantity is ten times more ‘said Dr Michelle Gayer, a WHO communicable diseases expert, after a visit to the region. Truncated ‘Many paths, some people have to achieve makeshift camps stuck while others in their homes without enough food or medical care. ‘.. The water and sanitation systems are disrupted and normal water sources have become unsafe for drinking due to the impact of floods and other impurities.

A combination of displacement, living in crowding conditions, lack of clean, safe drinking water and the destruction of sanitation facilities is, between 1.8 million people at risk of infectious diseases such as cholera, malaria and nutritional deficiencies. ‘The floods are expected until at least the end of December if not into early next year, further we are already experiencing a serious situation where people from diseases related to water and sanitation die situation malaria is a very to serious problem in the coming weeks ‘said Dr.FDA regulations replaced by Complete Response Letter Regarding Request For Expanded FENTORA Labelseach In non – Krebs BTP.

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