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Safely when they get older. The center is also to provide existing assistive technologies, such as wheelchairs, using skills navigational and navigation and cognitive assistance, and developing for the work of people with disabilities the employability of people with disabilities.. Researchers at the Quality of Life Technology Engineering Research Center is a scientific and technical knowledge base allows for the development of intelligent systems that exist side by side and work with people, especially those with disabilities. These intelligent systems could devices that a person wears or carries, a mobile system a person a person or that accompanies a person or an environment with instruments equipped to help people. These devices and systems will be able to activity activity of people living alone, prompt failing memories or control household appliances.5.0 grams gives positive Phase 2 Results of theSpherix Incorporated , an innovator in biotechnology for diabetes therapy, and a provider of technical and regulatory consulting service for food , supplement, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, announcing positive preliminary results from one phase 2 clinical trial with its novelty link, nature of lots , in the treatment and management type 2 diabetes. The Phase 2 study is scheduled for completion in spring 2010.