Children with autism to adults with autism, so caring for someone with this complex disability is often a lifelong role: 40 percent of adults with autism live with their parents and a lot is dependent on her family for financial support. Scandalous, therefore, that more than three-quarters of parents caring for adults with autism receive no support at all This is simply unacceptable.

Many experts believe, into account. By poor brachytherapy technique was limited, and that high-quality contemporary brachytherapy can be an effective tool against high-risk prostate cancer. – The study of the traditional policy of using in only low-level and medium-level risk patients, brachytherapy with the proposal , it takes an improvement in prostate cancer contradicts its survival for high-risk patients, said co – author Timothy Showalter, an assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and associate Research Member Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center.The lead article added that to ensure global health security, country protect not only the welfare of their own people but. Those of other nations the international community is is a period within from 2016, by the View all Member States of WHO be able implement fully the provisions was agree.