For men and women who want a permanent solution for hair loss, Dr. Jaliman said that hair transplant are a good option, as surgical hair restoration has developed in recent years and the results are much more natural than in the past article more info . Now individual follicular units dilution and thinner and bald spots rather than clusters of hair, often referred to as implanted plug . To prevent future hair loss, Dr. Jaliman suggested, dermatologist.nsplant patients to complete their treatment with medication recommended by their dermatologist.

Hair loss can be treated effectivelyWhile many people are genetically predisposed to hair loss, it is becoming more common with age. In fact, said Dr. Jaliman over 40 years more than 40 years less hair than when they were younger – even if the hair does not appear thinner on the surface. – The most common form of hair loss that both men and women relates to androgenetic alopecia . Occurs in both sexes, the miniaturization of the hair follicles – so the hair stays on the head for a shorter period due to a short growing season. As a result, a person is baby develop fine hair, which do not reach their full length or diameter. In men, this results in a receding hairline or hair loss on the scalp. However, in women the hair line is not affected, but there is visible thinning over the crown and to the part.

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