And international agencies, governments, foundations, to develop research individual donors. Sens. James Inhofe , Edward Kennedy and Jim Webb to include those who have already signed the letter .. About Family Health InternationalFHI is a public health and development organization dedicated to the life of the world’s most vulnerable people to improve. Our 2,500 staff work in 55 countries conducting research and implementing programs that address before public health and build local capacity for development issues. Since 1971, FHI, a global leader in family planning and reproductive health and, since 1986, in the global response to HIV / AIDS. Our research and programs also address malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious and chronic diseases.

The researchers hope Joins TB Trials Consortium in Global Quest To improve TB treatmentFamily Health International , a nonprofit global health and development organization to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable ,, recently joined the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium , an international body that researches new TB drugs and treatment strategies. The consortium U.S. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . As part of the consortium, FHI is with Duke University Medical Center together clinical trials clinical studies the duration of the duration of TB treatment and reduce the side effects of TB drugs target.In this latter level, the researchers found a particular connection, actively compared myeloma tumor cells both in lab cultures and mice, for further investigation. Into contact with normal cells the bone marrow – their usual location in patients. To connect prevented also the myeloma cells of of the reaction produced by the signals of on the growth of marrow cells. With traditional technology like active substance candidates the would be who left completely unnoticed, Mitsiades observing.