The results of this study provide a better insight into the mechanisms that regulate multiple processes during development of the brain and how certain genetic variations mental illness mental illness. As to regulate future research provides sequence data for genes that Wnt signaling and brain development, it how how DISC1 variant interactions with these genes influence risk for psychiatric disorders.

The study presents evidence that common and rare DISC1 variants adversely affect neurogenesis and neuronal migration through different pathways neuroscientists show ‘ results that three DISC1 variants Wnt/GSK3 disrupt signaling and neural progenitor cells cell proliferation.?. A fourth mutation has no effect on Wnt signaling, but the research shows that it inhibits neuronal migration in the developing cortex through a different pathway. Human cells carrying a particular variant shown significantly impaired Wnt, while another variant inhibits neuronal migration in the the developing mouse cortex.Miyoshi said AFP that he does not completely happy with the results of experiment on rat heart. He wishes find out what happened exactly to transform the MMCs into heart cells.

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