It’s not just female pill users, the proper use the proper use of the pill. The survey also revealed that more than half of the partners of the pill users may worry their partner forgot the pill, and a similar proportion remind their partners take the pill take the pill. – Pill users are definitely in search of rest, but unfortunately a significant number of women – and men – do not get it while women rely on the pill , in principle, they clearly have genuine concerns about its use in the context medication information . their own lives, added Dr. Charlotte Wilken Jensen. – ‘ Awareness about non – traditional methods such as daily and once a week, For more information,every three months or even longer lasting contraceptives an important influence on an important influence on couple life: the less contraceptive action that is needed, the greater their confidence contraception. .

The St. Jew team showed that the competing proteins, ribosomal protein L26 and nucleolin, for control of the messenger RNA for the p53. Results suggest form of a gene, such as a plan, that of the cell protein machinery acting use of a specific protein. Researchers identified a region of the mRNA, the so-called 5? ‘Untranslated region , which serves as a control switch for this process. In undamaged cells, nucleolin binds to this region of p53 mRNA synthesis and suppressed. But after DNA damage, RPL26 binds to this region and increases the translation of the mRNA into the protein p53.

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About Association of Endocrinology. In endocrinology for Endocrinology advancement advancement public education in endocrinology The company been set in 1946, the advance of the advance of endocrinology The Company currently has about 1900 Member and is soon increasing its size and range of actions. As well as the most important endocrine corporation outside of North America, that corporation and organized and organizer the British endocrine Societies, for to to the main British endocrine groups.